Mick and Daughter

Mick and Daughter

Mick Hall has over 30 years experience keeping cage and aviary birds.
It began when one of his daughters wanted a budgie when she was 7 years old.  In a short time he was hooked on the bird keepers hobby.  Initially Mick kept budgies and GMRs but within in a few years he had a large collection of parakeets and lorikeets.

In 1996 Mick took over Murrowbank Aviaries in Cambridgeshire and built his reputation in the bird keepers community.

In 2011 Mick moved to sunny Devon.  With the move away from Murrowbank came the name change to Windmill Aviaries.

Why Windmill Aviaries?
2 reasons.

  1. When researching his family tree Mick discovered that his family roots were deep in Windmills.
  2. Our aim is to supply products from Holland for the cage and aviary market, and everyone knows Holland = Windmills, right?